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Doula Services

ADOBE Doula Services
ADOBE is pleased to provide professional Doula services to Arizona childbearing families. ADOBE Doulas receive intensive training approved by Doulas of North America (DONA) and follow their Code of Ethics and Stands of Practice. DONA is the largest national organization that provides certification for labor support professionals.

How Doulas Assist Child Birthing Families
Doulas are labor support professionals who are the newest members of today's maternity care team. The Doula stays by the side of the laboring woman and her partner(s) throughout labor.

The Doula provides emotional support, an objective viewpoint, and assistance in getting information needed for decision making.

The Doula offers suggestions and promotes techniques to enhance labor progress and relieve pain, including relaxation, breathing, positioning, and other physical comfort measures.

Research studies have found that when Doulas attend births, including epidurals, less chance of forceps or cesarean delivery, and decreased length of labor result. There is also evidence that women experience less postpartum depression and have increased success with breastfeeding when they have support from a Doula.

Partners often feel more relaxed when they are part of a team and not the sole supporter. Partners participate with confidence and feel more emotionally available when they have assistance and a role model during this intimate and challenging event. Women and their partners experience increased satisfaction and more positive memories of their birth when they are supported by a Doula.

The father or partner, may be better able to provide continuous support but has little actual experience in dealing with the forces of labor. Even fathers who have had intensive preparation are often surprised at the amount of work involved (more than enough for two people). Even more important, many fathers experience the birth as an emotional journey of their own and find it hard to be objective in such a situation. -DONA

Will the Doula replace the father?
Some fathers or partners are concerned they may be displaced by the doula during labor. ADOBE doulas will not replace the father. A responsible doula supports and encourages the father and enhances his support style rather than replaces him. The doula allows for the partner to participate at their own comfort level and will make sure that the partner's needs are being met as well as the mother's. In fact, studies have shown that fathers/partners usually participate more actively during labor in the presence of a doula than without one. -DONA

ADOBE strives to enhance the support of the father (partner) while at the same time letting them participate at their own comfort level.

Steps for Selecting a Doula
If you and partner(s) are ready to interview a Doula, please follow these steps and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

When you and your partner(s) are ready to interview a Doula in your area, click on Meet our Doulas. Select two or three Doulas you would like to interview.

Contact ADOBE to arrange your free consultation

Client Information Packets
Each of our Doulas has their own unique information packet, and will gladly provide you with your packet.

Birthplan Questionnaire
This is a combination birthplan guide, sample phrases, birth plan, newborn care, and questionnaire to be completed and the doula  to review to help provide the best service possible. Download Here

ADOBE Doula Program Evaluation
This is a copy of the evaluation to be completed after your birth. Download Here

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